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About Us

River and I met at an animal shelter in Miami my senior year of college. He was the only dog at the pound that didn’t come up to me. He was crammed into a long run with two other big dogs, scarred and emaciated. I called to him and said come here “old man” … “Old man River.” He slowly got up and moseyed his way over to my side where we shared a moment. A few minutes later, two dogs in the cage next to him started fighting. Not play fighting, but angry dog fighting. He left my side, went over to the two dogs and gave them a low, authoritative growl. They separated and went to opposite sides of their cage. I knew at that moment that we were soul mates.


We’ve been inseparable ever since. Later that week at the vet I found out that Old Man River was actually two years old. An incarnate of course, wiser than I, but indeed a youth. We’ve shared a ridiculous 8 years together, in between Miami and Rhode Island, and while River has never been a very rambunctious dog I’ve recently noticed a change in my man’s gate. We were walking around Miami Beach at a snail’s pace, having his usual breakfast of cat poop and garbage, and at that moment it was decided. River wouldn’t retire in a one bedroom on Miami beach, but instead would see as much of the world as he could. 


So the journey begins today… September 21, 2016. The mission… to live simply, see as much as we can, visit old friends, make new friends, explore the space between, practice our crafts, and hopefully inspire others along the way. 


See you soon!


Maggie & River

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